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The Amazing Story of Joanne Hayes

The Amazing Joanne Hayes Story      Gerry O'Shea Sometimes a series of events are so unusual and improbable that factual information becomes stranger than fiction, that a bizarre story trumps one's wildest imaginings. This statement applies in spades to the strange story of   Joanne Hayes from Abbeydorney, a village four miles from Tralee, the capital town in County Kerry. On April 13th 1984 Joanne gave birth to a baby in a field near her home. The baby died shortly after birth of lung failure and Joanne buried him in the field. She attended the local general hospital where the matter was recorded as a miscarriage.   The father of the baby was a local married man named Joseph Locke. He and Joanne had a previous baby together, Yvonne. Meanwhile another baby, later named Baby John, was found in a plastic bag, stabbed to death, in Slea Head, near the town of Cahirsiveen about sixty miles from Abbeydorney. Detectives came from Dublin to join their Kerry counterpart